Its Sunday And My Birthday Weekend

It has to be food porn time!!

I love my food and on special weekends like this it’s a perfect opportunity to take food porn snaps!! We have the best of both worlds being right on the Spanish boarder with Portugal. What’s better on a birthday weekend than to plan even more food porn opportunities!!

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You Have To Visit Vila Real de Santo António This Week!

If your in the area you just have to visit the Feira da Praia in Vila Real this week. There’s a huge flea market until the 15th October and my personal favourite the celebration of Portuguese deserts and sweets which runs until the 13th. Why not catch the ferry over from Ayamonte?

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In Album Try amazing Portuguese sweets this week

Toast and Tomatoes

Tapas Thursday

I love, love, love the tomatoes that are served with the mornings toast at our local cafe in Isla Canela. It’s not a pulp more of a grated tomato with olive oil I think. It’s delicious. I often opt for a slice of nature cheese as a side order and it’s delicious!!!!

You can buy this tomato pulp in the supermarket and it’s absolutely delicious and simple for a snack, served with fresh bread and some ham or cheese.

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Simple Tapas Snack

Tapas Thursday

If you want to keep some great food at hand for a tapas on the terrace these are fab. Boquerones in olive oil are one of our favourites. Buy some French bread (supermarket next door) and simply eat, dipping the bread in the oil. Yum, yum, yum!! Great with a cold drink and a really simple snack.

These packs can be bought in any supermarket. There are 3 within a 2 minute walk from our apartment.

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Boquerones in vinegar

Tapas Thursday

These are another firm favourite of ours. It's a little fish filleted in vinegar. I always buy these from the supermarket and have at least one pack to hand just incase I need to whip you a quick tapas to go with drinks when friends call or when I feel like a treat before dinner.

I tend to simply lay these decoratively on a plate with little picks for people to pick them up. If I have more time I lay them I lay one on a slice of french bread with a slice of tossed pepper.

You can buy these in any supermarket or restaurant and they are fab!

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