Practicing For The Easter Parades

Ayamonte Spain – Santa Samana

Strictly speaking this is a religious festival, but for most of the week, solemnity isn't the keynote – there's a lot of carousing and frivolity, and bars are full day and night with entire families, from grandparents to babes in arms staying up late.

In essence, Semana Santa involves the marching in procession of brotherhoods of the church and penitents, followed by elaborate floats on which sit seventeenth century images of the Virgin or Christ. For months beforehand, the bands practice their short, fervent flamenco style hymns about the Passion and the Virgin's sorrows throughout the city.

This week has seen the practicing in Ayamonte and its looking good!

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Carnival Is Upon Us Ayamonte, Andalucia

Carnival Is Upon Us Ayamonte, Andalucia

Get ready to party!!! Here’s the itinerary for the carnival. A big thank you to Angustias from Ayamonte Tourist Information Office who very kindly emailed me the details!! She’s fantastic! If you need local info just pop in. They are just need to the bridge in a very fancy office!

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Carnival start this weekend Ayamonte, Andalucia, Spain

It's all really exciting! The stages are up all over Ayamonte we have posters and banners in all the shop windows. Stages and little stalls. The shops are filled with wigs and fancy dress items and there's even a big carnival display on the roundabout!

What a great way to banish those winter blues!

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