Its Sunday And My Birthday Weekend

It has to be food porn time!!

I love my food and on special weekends like this it’s a perfect opportunity to take food porn snaps!! We have the best of both worlds being right on the Spanish boarder with Portugal. What’s better on a birthday weekend than to plan even more food porn opportunities!!

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Toast and Tomatoes

Tapas Thursday

I love, love, love the tomatoes that are served with the mornings toast at our local cafe in Isla Canela. It’s not a pulp more of a grated tomato with olive oil I think. It’s delicious. I often opt for a slice of nature cheese as a side order and it’s delicious!!!!

You can buy this tomato pulp in the supermarket and it’s absolutely delicious and simple for a snack, served with fresh bread and some ham or cheese.

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Seafood Paella – Isla Canela, Spain

Tapas Thursday

I’m going back to basics for this weeks tapas Thursday. My husband and I LOVE paella! On a Sunday at the beach with a cold glass of beer it’s just the best. It’s also different in every region. My husband could talk about the correct way to cook a paella for hours and so could many other Spaniards! Cut through the chat is my advice and let someone else cook it at one of our local chiringuitos!

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Chipironis – Small Fried Squid

Tapas Thursday

If you love squid you will go crazy for these small bite size squids. If your new to this type of fish you’ll be in very a very pleasant surprised too. Served in nearly all the bars and restaurants in Isla Canela they are a great tapas. In my experience you can’t go wrong with them as something squid rings or strips can sometimes be served from frozen while these in my experience see almost always cooked from fresh.

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Pimentos de Padron

Tapas Thursday Isla Canela. Spain

Quick and easy is the key for tapas on holidays. Grab a bag of these green peppers sold everywhere locally and fry them in a little olive oil and rock salt. They take just a few minutes and taste delicious with a cold drink! Be careful because some of them have an unexpected kick!

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In Album Pimentos de Padron

It Has To Be BBQ Sardines!

Tapas Thursday – Isla Canela

Summer is approaching and the smell that reminds me of this is BBQ sardines. Cooked outdoors on large BBQs locally caught and cooked sardines taste even more amazing as you sit barefooted on the sand. Try them at chiringuito bombadill or La Cabra is my tip!! Both within 2 minutes stroll of out apartment!

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