Carnival Is Upon Us Ayamonte, Andalucia

Carnival Is Upon Us Ayamonte, Andalucia

Get ready to party!!! Here’s the itinerary for the carnival. A big thank you to Angustias from Ayamonte Tourist Information Office who very kindly emailed me the details!! She’s fantastic! If you need local info just pop in. They are just need to the bridge in a very fancy office!

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In Album Carnival 2015 Ayamonte, Spain

Carnival start this weekend Ayamonte, Andalucia, Spain

It's all really exciting! The stages are up all over Ayamonte we have posters and banners in all the shop windows. Stages and little stalls. The shops are filled with wigs and fancy dress items and there's even a big carnival display on the roundabout!

What a great way to banish those winter blues!

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In Ayamonte on Ash Wednesday, an unusual ceremony called El Entierro de la Sardina (literally, the burial of the sardine) takes place. A large number of people get together to observe a centuries old annual tradition of burying a dead fish (or the likeness of one). This ceremony is based on the belief of burying, symbolically, our past in the hopes of creating a better and more fruitful future.

This satirical ceremony simulates a burial procession of a sardine (real or fake), which gets solemnly paraded around the city streets in a coffin. Men and women dress up in black period costume clothes, with men sometimes daring to dress up as weeping widows with the typical black Spanish lace veil covering their heads. The sardine is the symbol of the past (a “liberating period”), while its death and burial represent the end of carnival season and the beginning of the religious fasting period as well as the possibility of rejuvenation and rebirth. People “mourn” their feelings of sadness over the ending of this festive season and how it implies the beginning of staunch religious observance.

Will you join us?

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