Piedra De Jabugo Ayamonte

Tapas Thursday

You shouldn’t really walk pasty this little gem of a bar/butchers if you can avoid it. I say that as a vegetarian!!!!! If you have any meat eaters with you I think it’s worth stopping. Jabugo Ham sold from the counter and served in the bar from a fairly local source(Jabugo) which is ethically sourced.

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Chipironis – Small Fried Squid

Tapas Thursday

If you love squid you will go crazy for these small bite size squids. If your new to this type of fish you’ll be in very a very pleasant surprised too. Served in nearly all the bars and restaurants in Isla Canela they are a great tapas. In my experience you can’t go wrong with them as something squid rings or strips can sometimes be served from frozen while these in my experience see almost always cooked from fresh.

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