Lle i fwyta ac yfed yn Isla Canela – daioni gourmet – The Secret Garden ~ Shhh….

Abaceria-de-Pedro-OrtaThis bar is very difficult to find unless you know about it and I do!

The front of the bar is a brilliant shop full of local products and a great choice of wines and spirits. More importantly, the shop owner absolutely knows his stuff. If you have a little Spanish he can be really helpful. Go through the shop past an office on the right with some really old office equipment and through to a small bar. Behind the bar is a garden with lemon trees in it. Lovely place for a drink.

Note: In the summer make sure you smother yourself in mosquito repellent when you go into the garden.

Ask the waiters about the wines. It is a great place. They serve interesting cold meats and cheese but no hot food.


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