Where to eat and drink in Isla Canela – Cultural dishes – The Proof Is In The Paella

I added this very unflattering photo on purpose. If you walk along Isla Canlea beach from our apartment until you can go no further, you would have used up quite a lot of calories as well as around 40 minutes of you time! At at the end of the beach you will walk along a ridge that will lead you here. If you keep going you will see the shining lights of all the fancy bars in the marina or you could stop!!

I would suggest you give it a try!! This chiringuito was one of the first eateries I tried when we first arrived over 12 years ago in Isla Canela and it made me fall head over heals in love with the regional food.

Go on give it a go. Take a look at some reviews on tripadvisor. It seems I am not along in my love for this place!! bit.ly/1URUnNp

Posted by Sarah of islacanelaholidays.com