What to see in Isla Canela – Historic sites – Torre Canela


Why not take a look a good look around Torre Canela from the air! youtu.be/zEtb6SbeOXY

All along the Andalucian coast from Gibraltar to Ayamonte you will see examples of these 16th century beacon shaped towers. Erected to warn of attack by Turkish and Barber pirates they acted as a form of communication system for those living along the coast.

Felipe II ordered more than 40 of these towers to be built many payed for by local fishing taxes. (Although now someway from the sea at the time of construction the tower would have been a lot closer. The sea has simply receded over time.)

Recently restored and an excellent example, Torre Isla Canela, is on the Isla Canela road that brings you to Punta del Moral and Isla Canela Marina.

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