What to do in Isla Canela – Day trips – Dine Under The Stars And Star Gaze

This is an original and unique experience that you simply cannot miss. Dine under the stars in a Starlight Reserve – Sierra de Aracena. Huelva.

This is an evening activity where you will need your own transport. The drive will take you just over 2 hours up into the mountains. It is quite a way but also quite an experience. The views are stunning and the tapas in this region is great! Famous for it’s ham.

What to expect.

19:00 h. – Welcome the participants. You will then have free time during the day to visit the area when we will benefit from the explanations of a local expert.

20:30 h. – Dine under the stars. (Tables are set up and catering is provided by the famous Los Canastos the Repilado restaurant).

22:00 h. – Stargazing Observation:
Introductory talk on astronomy.
Workshop on the recognition of the night sky and constellations.
Stargazing observation using high-quality telescopes.
Souvenir astrophotography session.

02:00 h. – End of Stargazing observation and our services. (Estimated time)

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