Dont Forget It’s Market Day

Castro Marim, Portugal

I love this village. It’s quick to get to and the kids are always fascinated by the castle and the fact the Spanish flag isn’t flying but a Portuguese one instead. Have a lazy morning strolling around the village before heading back to the beach.

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Fishermen On Isla Canela Beach, Spain

The fisherman are a fixture along the shoreline. Collecting local clams ready for sale in bars and restaurants as well as in the local market.

They are a delight to watch and it's always amazing to see how they scrape the clams from the sea bed. Why not try them? They are truly delicious and are on everyone's menu.

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Shop local – Ayamonte market, Andalucia, Spain

Anyone who has spent any time in Spain, eaten at Spanish restaurants, shopped at Spanish markets or browsed the produce at supermarkets will know Spain grows more fruit crops than many other countries on the planet. In fact, not only does the country have some of the freshest and most delicious fruit you’ll ever eat, they’re the world’s leading producer of several of them.

Ayamonte indoor market is open 6 days a week (closed Sunday) and today is a great day to do a spot of shopping for the weekend.

You can walk (25 minutes), cycle (10 minutes) take the bus (from opposite the apartment or the car. Parking is almost next door to the market. So enjoy fresh local produce when staying with us.

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