Let Locals Show You Seville

Take A Day Trip From Isla Canela

It’s easy to drive from our apartment in Isla Canela to Seville. It’s a fantastic city but you can feel a little overwhelmed unless you have a plan of where to go and what to see. I love the idea of seeing the city through the eyes of a local. This new startup company offers locals and tourists a change to meet up and share knowledge of the area through. What a great idea!

If you don’t have a car Isla Canela Tours runs trips into Seville. Just pop in the office at the marina. The trip doesn’t include a guided tour so this would be a great combination.


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Are you ready for a spot of time travel?

Weekends go so fast!

Swop your sunglasses for time travel glasses and experience Seville of the past. A new tourist attraction I would love to try!!!

Found in this fun and insiders guide to Seville.


Thanks +Matthew Hirtes

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