Artisan Fleur De Sel – Castro Matim, Porugal

Yes, I know salt isn’t good for you but I really love these fine crystals collected from the shore at Castro Marim. The fact it’s harvested by hand almost on our doorstep is just too hard to resist. On our last trip I bought this little plastic tub which will last new quite a few months. Why not buy some on your travels?

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Traffic Calming Art – Castro Marim

As we headed over the boarder into Portugal we decided to take a quick first left onto Castro Marim. It’s a lovely little village dominated by a castle which looks down on the villagers. What a treat to discover the new and traffic island art on approach. It’s really quite imposing and if the sight alone of the castle doesn’t make you want to stop and explore I think this certainly will.

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Its Sunday And My Birthday Weekend

It has to be food porn time!!

I love my food and on special weekends like this it’s a perfect opportunity to take food porn snaps!! We have the best of both worlds being right on the Spanish boarder with Portugal. What’s better on a birthday weekend than to plan even more food porn opportunities!!

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You Have To Visit Vila Real de Santo António This Week!

If your in the area you just have to visit the Feira da Praia in Vila Real this week. There’s a huge flea market until the 15th October and my personal favourite the celebration of Portuguese deserts and sweets which runs until the 13th. Why not catch the ferry over from Ayamonte?

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In Album Try amazing Portuguese sweets this week

Saturday Market Castro Marim, Portugal

9th May 2015

Head across the river to Castro Marim not only can you explore the castle on Sarurday but also the market which is open all day.

Castro Marim is the first town after crossing the bridge into Spain. It takes around 15 minutes to get there from Isla Canela. There's plenty of parking as you enter the village and the market is easy to find.

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-Castro Marim Explore

-Castro Marim Explore

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Just across the bridge into Portugal and one of the first villages you will come across is Castro Marim. It’s a bundle of white washed buildings, castles, windmills and salt beds. It’s quite a good place to head for if you decide to use pedal power too as you can cross over from Ayamonte on the ferry and whizz along the coast on your bike.

If you do visit pop into one of the ships and buy some Castro Marim salt. The flur de sal is lovely and my favourite as the moment is the little liquid pump of sea salt with is really something.

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Golden carpet of flowers

Golden carpet of flowers

Castro Marim, Portugal

Usually dry in the summer, in the spring the countryside all around our apartment is a carpet of wild yellow flowers. Last weekend I stopped the car to take this photo. It was a cloudy day but the landscape was awash with these stunning flowers which I now know to be Bermuda buttercups.

They currently form a sea of yellow flowers simply everywhere! It’s really quite beautiful and a sign spring is well and truly on its way!

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