Open Door Weekend – Huelva

Long weekend in Huelva

It is Hispanic Day on Monday (Día de la Hispanidad), the city of Huelva offers an “Open Doors Weekend” for all people who want to visit the “Wharf of the Caravels” (Muelle de las Caravelas) in La Rabida.

There is going to be different events like sports, live concerts, exhibitions of painting, typical dishes and theatre.

It will open its doors between 09.30 and 20.00 hours on 11th and 12th of October with free admission.

El Muelle ofrece un programa completo para las Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas del 11 y 12 de octubre –

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Ayamonte Market Huelva Region of Spain

What’s In Season?

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to set early and the days become a little cooler. The splash of rain is seen more often and so comes the harvest of wild and exciting winter foods.

Mushrooms are a particular passion of mine and in our region we have an abundance. El Andévalo, White Truffle mushrooms can be foraged here as well as a multitude of others. They pop up as you would expect in the local markets at a really good price making them ideal for a spot of experimental cooking.

It’s also worth looking out for them on tapas menus in locals bars.

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Huelva Region – What Makes Us Different?

It’s the wide open spaces and the expansive beaches that go on for miles. The ruggedness and the beauty of simply having space to discover an amazing coastline.

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You Could Stay With Us On This Suggested Road Trip

Casa Tagomago and Isla Canela would make a great base for discovering Andalucia.

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An Andalucian Roadtrip.
Many of our guests who visit Casa Tagomago in the Lecrín Valley, do so as part of a roadtrip through Andalucia or even round the whole of Spain. I have sometimes been asked for advice or suggestions on places to stop at. This wonderful video from has inspired me to suggest that one of the stages of an Andalucian roadtrip could coincide with this amazing and traditional event in El Rocio, Almonte, Huelva.

The Saca de las Yeguas (Taking out of the Mares) is an age old tradition celebrated as part of the festivities for Saint Peter, patron saint of El Rocio, and the old livestock market. Regulated as far back as 1509 by the Duke of Medina Sidonia nobody quite knows when this event actually started. The people of Almonte go off into the marshes to collect the wild mares that graze all year in different areas of the National Park of Doñana. On 26th. June the herd of mares runs through the streets of El Rocío up to the doors of the church, to be blessed by the priest. A foal is offered to the Virgin of Rocío by the Livestock Association of the Marshes. The rest of the herd continues on to Almonte where they are cleaned and re shoed and the foals are put up for sale. The animals that aren't sold are returned to the marshes of Doñana to live in liberty for the rest of the year.

Watching the video one can almost imagine it taking place in the Far West but no it's Andalucia in 2015 and is a beautiful tribute to ancient traditions and to the men, women and animals that strive to keep such wonders alive. Enjoy!

More suggestions for that Andalucian roadtrip in future posts.

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Guests May Enjoy This

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#Concierto de Los Elementos – Chiringuito Playa Alta #Ayamonte #Huelva 27 d junio

Huelva Concierto de Los Elementos – Chiringuito Playa Alta Ayamonte
Huelva Concierto de Los Elementos – Chiringuito Playa Alta Ayamonte

Visit Huelva And Discover Columbus

Isla Canela is in the Huelva region of Spain once home and starting point for Columbus and his amazing journey to discover America. Why not combine fun with the kids with a spot of history?

Huelva is an easy drive from Isla Canela and the museum is a great place to visit!

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Easter Sunday Ayamonte, Spain

Here’s the itinatary for tomorrow Easter procession.

Procession Route and Times:
• 10.30 Angustias Parish Church
• 11.00 Plaza de la Laguna
• 11.30 Hermanas de la Cruz
• 12.00 Calle Huelva
• 12.30 Calle Estrella
• 12.45 Plaza de la Ribera
• 13.30 Calle Cervantes
• 14.00 Return to the Church

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In Album Semana Santa Ayamonte, Spain