Isla Canela – Nature At Its Best!

Isla Canela is a natural Island joined to the border town of Ayamonte in Andalucia by a bridge . Isla Canela beach runs from the mouth of the River Guardiana to the estuary which separates Isla Canela from Isla Cristina. It’s quite a walk but well worth doing if you have a spare hour.

The water rushes can be seen all along the beach path. They form an amazing habitats for wildlife that live in the wetlands just behind us. It really is an amazing place for those who want to relax and get back to nature.

Why not walk to the marina, have a spot of lunch and catch the land train back. It’s stops just opposite our apartment building.

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The port at Ayamonte, Andalucia,Spain

The port at Ayamonte, Andalucia,Spain

Ayamonte on foot

Stand on the very edge of this Spanish boarder town and gaze across to Portugal taking in the spirit of this magical boarder town. Fishing is its past and its present. Very much famed for its fishing Ayamonte is still a fishermans domain.

The port is located on a cobbled road that runs along the banks of the river Guardiana. For 1.5 euro you can even cross over to Portugal by boat extending your view of the port and the fishing. Quite regularly we cross over and immediately return just for the views!

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