Piedra De Jabugo Ayamonte

Tapas Thursday

You shouldn’t really walk pasty this little gem of a bar/butchers if you can avoid it. I say that as a vegetarian!!!!! If you have any meat eaters with you I think it’s worth stopping. Jabugo Ham sold from the counter and served in the bar from a fairly local source(Jabugo) which is ethically sourced.

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Artisan Fleur De Sel – Castro Matim, Porugal

Yes, I know salt isn’t good for you but I really love these fine crystals collected from the shore at Castro Marim. The fact it’s harvested by hand almost on our doorstep is just too hard to resist. On our last trip I bought this little plastic tub which will last new quite a few months. Why not buy some on your travels?

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Dia de Todos Los Santos

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All Saints today in Spain…let’s celebrate!

Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) can best be described as the day in which almost all of Spain enjoys eating the mouthwatering delicacies known as “Buñuelos de Viento” and “Huesos de Santo” (Saint’s Bones). It is common to see long lines outside of Spanish bakeries as everyone wanst to take home looks of lovely cakes for tea after paying their respects at the cemetry to loved ones. ♥

Why not settled down in a plaza in Ayamonte and enjoy a cake and coffee. At less than 3 euors for both its a cheap afternoon in the sunshine. Beats Halloween any day!

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Its Sunday And My Birthday Weekend

It has to be food porn time!!

I love my food and on special weekends like this it’s a perfect opportunity to take food porn snaps!! We have the best of both worlds being right on the Spanish boarder with Portugal. What’s better on a birthday weekend than to plan even more food porn opportunities!!

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Tuna Empanada

Tapas Thursday

In a street cafe this is my choice of tapas every time. At the beach I may opt for something fishier but when out and about with a coffee or beer this is a real winner.

It's a savoury pie which comes in lots of filling. Sometimes the tuna variety is combined with a egg filing so I always ask but it general it just tuna and s mix of vegetables. Yum!

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