Piedra De Jabugo Ayamonte

Tapas Thursday

You shouldn’t really walk pasty this little gem of a bar/butchers if you can avoid it. I say that as a vegetarian!!!!! If you have any meat eaters with you I think it’s worth stopping. Jabugo Ham sold from the counter and served in the bar from a fairly local source(Jabugo) which is ethically sourced.

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Doll Museum Ayamonte, Spain

It stands out from the other whitewashed house fronts in the cobbled road. A soft pretty pink with an inviting sign leads you into the doll museum opened by Paco and Teresa last year. Entry is 2 euros for an adult and 1 euro for a child.

Included in the vast collection is a porcelain doll ‘rescued’ from the wreckage of the ill-fated Titanic.

The doll was documented in the memoirs of one of the few survivors, Eva Hart, and was rescued 37 years ago by Abel Federico Nogueiras.

Eva and her mother both escaped the Titanic alive, and the younger woman passed away on Valentine’s Day in 1996, aged 91.

She had to leave her much-loved doll behind in her second-class berth when passengers were evacuated from the ship, but it turned up again after a tuna-fisherman working for the family-run company Argenbel found it by accident when she was 72 – a whole 65 years after she had given it up for lost.

Now she’s owned by Teresa and is on show at the doll museum in Ayamonte. Not what you would expect to find at all on your wonders through the cobbled streets!

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14th Edition Of The Guardiana Road Race, Ayamonte

Not everyone took my advise yesterday about a PJ day and hundreds and people took to the road to complete the 14th edition of the Guardiana race. A big thanks to InfoAyamonte for the photos. He was out and about with his flying camera and took a fab video too.

There’s lots of marathon, cycling and open water swimming events. I’ll post more info for those of you interested in setting some New Year goals for 2016.

Take a look at the eye in the sky video. vimeo.com/145056262

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Rain, Rain, Go AWAY – Ayamonte, Spain

Well, it’s been wet, wet, wet here for at least the last week but we have had a fantastic family holiday!! So much so my mum has decided to stay even longer and has changed her flight back to the UK! The sky’s may be dark but the architecture and the coffee is a complete pleasure. I love nothing more than a good walk around the two followed by coffee and cake in plaza Laguna. Even on a wet and windy day it’s still a delight. At roughly 90p a coffee it’s always amazing value too! Back then to the apartment for a cosy afternoon reading and watching the kite surfers. Bliss!!

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Dia de Todos Los Santos

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All Saints today in Spain…let’s celebrate!

Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) can best be described as the day in which almost all of Spain enjoys eating the mouthwatering delicacies known as “Buñuelos de Viento” and “Huesos de Santo” (Saint’s Bones). It is common to see long lines outside of Spanish bakeries as everyone wanst to take home looks of lovely cakes for tea after paying their respects at the cemetry to loved ones. ♥

Why not settled down in a plaza in Ayamonte and enjoy a cake and coffee. At less than 3 euors for both its a cheap afternoon in the sunshine. Beats Halloween any day!

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Shopping In Ayamonte, Spain

Somethings Fishy With These Prices

We cook a lot on holidays and even though we love the local bars and restaurants we love getting creative in the kitchen too. Yesterday, we went shopping in Mercadana, a large supermarket in Aymonte. The choice of fish is massive and just look at the prices!! In the UK they would be at least treble!!!! Let the fish fest begin!

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You Have To Visit Vila Real de Santo António This Week!

If your in the area you just have to visit the Feira da Praia in Vila Real this week. There’s a huge flea market until the 15th October and my personal favourite the celebration of Portuguese deserts and sweets which runs until the 13th. Why not catch the ferry over from Ayamonte?

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Ayamonte Market Huelva Region of Spain

What’s In Season?

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to set early and the days become a little cooler. The splash of rain is seen more often and so comes the harvest of wild and exciting winter foods.

Mushrooms are a particular passion of mine and in our region we have an abundance. El Andévalo, White Truffle mushrooms can be foraged here as well as a multitude of others. They pop up as you would expect in the local markets at a really good price making them ideal for a spot of experimental cooking.

It’s also worth looking out for them on tapas menus in locals bars.

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