Good Morning Isla Canela, Spain

It's the weekend!! How about a visit to the fish market in Ayamonte, grab a coffee in plaza Laguna and then head back to the beach for a stroll before lunch and this great view from the terrace?

It's a great weekend break. We've got wifi if you need to keep in touch with the office and fancy a long weekend . Tempted?

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Keeping it simple Ayamonte, Spain

Tapas Thursdsy

The weathers amazing at the moment here in Spain and Ayamonte is full of life with visitors here for Semana Santa. Sitting outside in a t shirt late at night is simply a pleasure in itself but how about this simple tapas to enjoy while you watch the world go by?

Tasca Quiapena is a great spot for Jamon, cheese and wine!!

Great photo Yasmin!

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Understanding Easter in Spain

Semana Santa Ayamonte, Spain

It’s a very exciting time to be in Ayamonte. Semana Santa is quite amazing and the people of Ayamonte in Andalucia do it in style! Here’s a guide to Semana Santa. It explains the pointed hats and traditions which will hopefully add to your enjoyment and understanding of Holy Week in Spain:

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Are you ready for a spot of time travel?

Weekends go so fast!

Swop your sunglasses for time travel glasses and experience Seville of the past. A new tourist attraction I would love to try!!!

Found in this fun and insiders guide to Seville.

Thanks +Matthew Hirtes

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Kayak The Marshlands

Andalucia, Spain

The marshlands in and around Ayamonte are stunning with a wide variety of bird life. They are also crucial to the area as they are great breeding grounds for the fish. If you would like to find out more about the marshlands why not take a kayak tour? Take a look for further information

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Child Friendly Holidays

Isla Canela, Andalucia

Family holidays are all about spending time being together enjoying free time. Sometimes the little ones just need some home comforts to keep them happy when their away from home and we try to help by providing toys and games at our apartment for them to play with.

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Week of Sunshine Isla Canela

Week of Sunshine Isla Canela

Isla Canela, Andalucia

Today’s weather looks to hit 21 degrees with some cloud and tomorrow we should have more of the same with clearer skys. So why not head down to the beach for some lunch and enjoy watching the fisherman catching clams on the coastline. Just an idea… (This photo was taken on Saturday)

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