Doll Museum Ayamonte, Spain

It stands out from the other whitewashed house fronts in the cobbled road. A soft pretty pink with an inviting sign leads you into the doll museum opened by Paco and Teresa last year. Entry is 2 euros for an adult and 1 euro for a child.

Included in the vast collection is a porcelain doll ‘rescued’ from the wreckage of the ill-fated Titanic.

The doll was documented in the memoirs of one of the few survivors, Eva Hart, and was rescued 37 years ago by Abel Federico Nogueiras.

Eva and her mother both escaped the Titanic alive, and the younger woman passed away on Valentine’s Day in 1996, aged 91.

She had to leave her much-loved doll behind in her second-class berth when passengers were evacuated from the ship, but it turned up again after a tuna-fisherman working for the family-run company Argenbel found it by accident when she was 72 – a whole 65 years after she had given it up for lost.

Now she’s owned by Teresa and is on show at the doll museum in Ayamonte. Not what you would expect to find at all on your wonders through the cobbled streets!

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Traffic Calming Art – Castro Marim

As we headed over the boarder into Portugal we decided to take a quick first left onto Castro Marim. It’s a lovely little village dominated by a castle which looks down on the villagers. What a treat to discover the new and traffic island art on approach. It’s really quite imposing and if the sight alone of the castle doesn’t make you want to stop and explore I think this certainly will.

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