Artisan Fleur De Sel – Castro Matim, Porugal

Yes, I know salt isn’t good for you but I really love these fine crystals collected from the shore at Castro Marim. The fact it’s harvested by hand almost on our doorstep is just too hard to resist. On our last trip I bought this little plastic tub which will last new quite a few months. Why not buy some on your travels?

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Dia de Todos Los Santos

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All Saints today in Spain…let’s celebrate!

Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) can best be described as the day in which almost all of Spain enjoys eating the mouthwatering delicacies known as “Buñuelos de Viento” and “Huesos de Santo” (Saint’s Bones). It is common to see long lines outside of Spanish bakeries as everyone wanst to take home looks of lovely cakes for tea after paying their respects at the cemetry to loved ones. ♥

Why not settled down in a plaza in Ayamonte and enjoy a cake and coffee. At less than 3 euors for both its a cheap afternoon in the sunshine. Beats Halloween any day!

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Shopping In Ayamonte, Spain

Somethings Fishy With These Prices

We cook a lot on holidays and even though we love the local bars and restaurants we love getting creative in the kitchen too. Yesterday, we went shopping in Mercadana, a large supermarket in Aymonte. The choice of fish is massive and just look at the prices!! In the UK they would be at least treble!!!! Let the fish fest begin!

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Its Sunday And My Birthday Weekend

It has to be food porn time!!

I love my food and on special weekends like this it’s a perfect opportunity to take food porn snaps!! We have the best of both worlds being right on the Spanish boarder with Portugal. What’s better on a birthday weekend than to plan even more food porn opportunities!!

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You Have To Visit Vila Real de Santo António This Week!

If your in the area you just have to visit the Feira da Praia in Vila Real this week. There’s a huge flea market until the 15th October and my personal favourite the celebration of Portuguese deserts and sweets which runs until the 13th. Why not catch the ferry over from Ayamonte?

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Ayamonte Market Huelva Region of Spain

What’s In Season?

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to set early and the days become a little cooler. The splash of rain is seen more often and so comes the harvest of wild and exciting winter foods.

Mushrooms are a particular passion of mine and in our region we have an abundance. El Andévalo, White Truffle mushrooms can be foraged here as well as a multitude of others. They pop up as you would expect in the local markets at a really good price making them ideal for a spot of experimental cooking.

It’s also worth looking out for them on tapas menus in locals bars.

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Market Day 6 Days A Week Ayamonte, Spain

At breakfast I’m dreaming of lunch and at lunch I’m dreaming about dinner! Sound familiar? Planning what to eat is also fun when you can visit local markets. Our local market in Ayamonte is open six days a week. It’s best to go in the morning when you have the best choice of produce. You’ll find it just across from the marina in Ayamonte just along a side road. Have fun and grab some fresh tuna. It’s amazing!!!

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