Swim to Portugal And Back

When I imagine how fit I am going to be by next summer. (it’s always next summer 🙂 This is one of the activities I imagine myself taking part in! How cool would it be to swim from Ayamonte, across the Guardiana River and back again? I’m definitely taking part next year…or I’ll watch!!

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Bicycle Hire Isla Canela

I spotted theses bikes in our car park yesterday and took a quick snap. You can hire them from a lovely couple down at the marina. Catch the land train down and cycle back. Then there’s lots of bike racks in the car park for you to store your bike for the week or a few days. Just follow the sun logo. You can’t miss them at the marina.

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Dolphin Discovery Isla Canela, Spain

Yes, we have dolphins in and around Isla Canela. Do you want to take a look? The boat leaves from Isla Canela Marina. It’s just a half an hour walk down the beach from our apartment or a five minute drive. You could also take the land train or a taxi from opposite our apartment. Have fun!

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A New Way To Explore Isla Canela, Spain

I’m loving these two new speed boats that have arrived at the marina. The kids will love them and I think so will I!

You can walk down the beach to the marina from our apartment. It takes around 30 minutes or you can catch the land train which goes every half a hour from opposite our place on the beach. Either way you’ll be whizzing around the ocean in no time!

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