isla canela beach 1100

The beach is a thriving fishing ground. Fishermen from the area collect clams here which are sold in the market in Ayamonte as well as further afield.

I enjoy watching the fishermen but it’s been quite a sad tale recently. During the boom when construction was big in this area many fishermen gave up their permits to follow the higher wages in the construction industry.  Unfortunately, when the economy crashed many were unable to return the their livelihood as the town hall restricted the rights to fish. I am sure that some of the fishermen work without licences. It helps to support the local economy just a little by buying the local produce in the markets and restaurants.

Locals also collect the clams for lunch. You usually see them with a recycled water bottle. They pop the live clams into the sea water and let the clams clean themselves in the water before eating. Why not have a go!!! Just twist you heel in the sand in the shoreline and see what you find just under the surface!

If your feeling energetic why not try learning a new water sport like kite surfing, paddling boarding or windsurfing. Lessons are within a two minute stroll of our apartment and cater for all ages. Take a look here too.


Personally, I would like to try the Sup – Yoga. It is on my bucket list for 2016! Just a five minute stroll along the beach from our apartment.