Visit Ayamonte

A visit to Ayamonte cannot be missed. From our apartment you can catch the land train into Ayamonte, walk or take the bus if you prefer not to drive. It’s a colourful hub of narrow streets, plazaschurches and fresh fish by the bucket full from here you can watch the fishing boats, sail to Portugal or just relax in one of the plazas with an ice cream. A real jem if you want to immerse yourself in Andalucian life.

The historical town of Ayamonte has historically been a strategically important town thanks to its placement on the river Guadiana, which marks part of the border between Spain and Portugal. It’s also well-known across Spain for its fishing and seafaring achievements.
These days, it’s becoming better known as a tourist destination and a town of artists and sculptors—fitting for a town with its vibrant, colourful hubs of narrow streets, plazas and churches: meanwhile, history hasn’t been forgotten with fresh fish to be found everywhere

Ayamonte andalucia

If you’re looking for a slice of the real Andalucia and its relaxed lifestyle, Ayamonte is a great choice. The art scene in Ayamonte has flourished in recent years, and it is everywhere. Sucpltures can be found on roundabouts and in squares. Although the art style is modern, they frequently commemorate the history of the town and its traditions.

Many scultures celebrate the common man too: the people who transported the lime for the brilliant whitewashed walls, the fishermen who worked to bring a supply of fish to their wives, who then manufacture the area’s salted fish and the water carriers who toiled throughout the year to keep Ayamonte hydrated.

Ayamonte’s art also celebrates its proud marine history—one statue celebrates the sailors who joined Christopher Columbus’ first great voyage into the (then unknow) New World, where another statues captures a scene of women waiting for the return of the fishing boats.
As across the rest of Spain, Ayamonte has religious art in every prominent area. During Holy Week, you’ll be able to see some of the best examples carried through the streets of Ayamonte on a ‘paso’.

Ayamonte is a fantastic place to visit with art, culture and charming historical districts that are pedestrian only—stop by to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a coffee. At just 5 minutes’ drive away from Isla Canela Beach over the bridge linking the island to the mainland, it’s also a quick, accessible day trip.

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