Beth sy'n Digwydd Adeg y Pasg Yn Ayamonte?

Ayamonte Pasg, Sbaen

It’s a very exciting time to be in Ayamonte. Semana Santa is quite amazing and the people of Ayamonte in Andalucia do it in style! Here’s a guide to Semana Santa. It explains the pointed hats and traditions which will hopefully add to your enjoyment and understanding of Holy Week in Spain:

Easter in Spain

It all starts off with Palm Sunday of course

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Diolch – Archebu Cyntaf Ar gyfer 2017

Thank You – First Booking For 2017

Hoffwn ddiolch i, gwestai yn y gorffennol, Judith Evans for referring her work colleague to our website. The books has only just opened for 2017 felly rydym yn falch iawn gyda hyn un. Rydw i'n falch yn awr i dreulio peth amser yn gwneud gweinyddol ar ein rhestrau prisiau.

Cofiwch, os ydych wedi aros gyda ni cyn y gallwch eu cymryd 5% oddi ar unrhyw archebu ar gyfer 2017.

archebu cyntaf ar gyfer 2017

Meet Our Team At Isla Canela

Meet Our Team At Isla Canela

Canela services Isla Canela

When you arrive in Isla Canela the apartment will be ready for you with beds made, towels folded and the apartment primed and ready to go. You will have all the information on how to operate any electrical items and connect to divices before you go with our mobile hospitality pack which you can access on demand from any device.

It sounds good but it takes a lot of planning and a few extra people on the ground in Spain to make sure it all goes smoothly. So I thought I would introduce you to our team. Say hello to Canela Services!

Natalie and Colin have recently taken over from, mum and dad, Robert and Anita who still work in the family business. They will be on hand if you have any problems in the apartment and are always happy to help.

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